Tordex consulting

No other hardware manufacturer offers such good documentation and such good service as Toradex. We are proud to be an official design partner of Toradex and offer customized solutions for the seamless integration of hardware and software..

From initial conception and design to implementation and validation - we accompany you throughout the entire development process. Our solutions are characterized by efficiency, reliability and optimal performance. If you are looking for reliable embedded development and accelerated time-to-market, you have come to the right place!

Quick to market with Torizon

Do you want updatable hardware and integrated fleet management? Time is money and your applications should work with just a few clicks? As an experienced partner, we actively use the Torzion service from Toradex. This not only ensures that your system software is up to date, but also that your applications function smoothly and are secure. Torizon is an absolute hit, especially in terms of development times. In just a few minutes, you can dock your applications and get the functionality on the road. If you have any questions about Torizon, we are happy to help!

Carrier Boards for Toradex

You use Toradex and need a carrier board? Our carrier boards are one-to-one pin-compatible with Toradex hardware, so you can expect a unique "plug in and go" experience when switching to our boards. We called ourselves carriertronic because carrier boards are our specialty. Individual form factors or standard sizes such as Pico-ITX or Mini-DTX, we will find the right solution for you.

carrierboard für system on a module

We rely on all common industry interfaces such as:
– USB 3.0
– Power over Ethernet
– RS485
– uvm.

Entweder haben wir bereits ein passendes Carrier Board im Angebot oder wir können mit kleinen Anpassungen Ihr individuelles Carrier Board zusammenstellen, entwickeln, zertifizieren und produzieren. -> Click here for our carrier boards


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