Carrier Boards for Toradex Verdin

Our carrier boards are prepared for the use of Toradex's over-the-air update function. Toradex's Torizon cloud solution allows you to perform firmware and software updates conveniently and securely via the cloud. This enables smooth updating of your devices, both through online and offline updates, without the need for physical access.

In addition, our boards offer a practical USB-C port, which makes it easy to install updates. The Toradex module can be put into recovery mode via the USB-C port on the carrier board. I n the series, this port can also be used as a normal USB port to connect peripheral devices (in DRP mode/host/client mode). Thanks to this user-friendly function, you can quickly and easily keep your systems up to date.

Verdin Pico-ITX Dual Ethernet PoE+

With an isolated flyback and Power over Ethernet interface, you can operate our top seller without a dedicated power supply in your PoE network.

USB 3.0** 1x USB-C (DualRole)
USB 2.0 1x Host (1.25mm Pitch)
Ethernet 1x Gigabit with TSN and PoE 1x Gigabit
PCIe* 1x M.2 (Key M)
I2C 3x
SPI 1x
UART 1x (3.3V) 2x (1.8V)
PWM 1x
GPIO Up to 32
CAN 2x (without transceivers)
Open Drain Output 1x
Supplies 5V
LVDS 1x Dual Channel
Digital Audio 1x I2S
HDMI 1x 2.0*
Capacitie Touch-/Ambient Light Interface Yes
LEDs 1x
RTC Backup Power 1x 1.25mm 2 Pos. Connector
Aux Supply Voltage (isolated) 12-48V DC +-10%
PoE IEEE-Standard 802.3bt-2018
(Backwards compatible up to passive PoE)
On-Board Power Supplies 5V 6A
3.3V 6A
1.8V 2A
1.2V 2A

Verdin Pico-ITX Industrial Extension

With this extension for the Dual Ethernet Board, CAN and RS485 are cost-effectively routed out.


1 x CAN (isolated) / 1 x RS485 (isolated)

Verdin Pico-ITX RS485

A high performance carrier board designed specifically for the Tordadex Verdin family in Pico-ITX format. With integrated RS485, it supports robust communication applications.



Individuelles Carrierboard für System on a Module

Verdin Pico-ITX CAN

This carrier board provides CAN bus connectivity for the Toradex Verdin family in a pico-ITX format. Ideal for applications that require reliable and fast communication.



Toradex Single Board Computer

Verdin Pico-ITX Multimedia

If you want to realize multimedia applications, this carrier board is the right choice. It offers a wide range of connection options for audio, video and more.


LVDS, HDMI, 4xUSB 3.0, ETH, 2xUART, ALS, Speaker

Carrierboard für Touchpanel PC

Individual Carrier Boards

Wir verstehen, dass Ihre Projekte einzigartig sind und möglicherweise spezielle Anforderungen haben. Deshalb bieten wir Ihnen auch die Möglichkeit, individuelle Carrier Boards zu entwickeln. Unser erfahrenes Team unterstützt Sie gerne bei der Konzeption und Umsetzung, um sicherzustellen, dass das Carrier Board genau Ihren Bedürfnissen entspricht.


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