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First steps with Toradex and Torizon

We collect our customers' challenges and help them get started. We are gradually expanding our free range of tutorials, videos and downloads here.


How to use a Toradex SoM on Custom Hardware and Connect to a Multitouch Display via LVDS

In this webinar, Toradex and Carriertronic covered the setup of an LVDS display using Torizon OS on the Toradex Mallow Carrier Board, the development, and the deployment of an application to a Carriertronic touch panel PC.

Toradex – Webinars

Date: 01.07.2024

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS image for Virtualbox 7

Get started right away with our pre-configured image including
– Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
– Docker Engine
- VS Code with Torizon IDE Extension
- installed as in this Torizon documentation

File size: 7.8 GB
Date: 18.04.2024
Name & Password: torizon

IMPORTANT: To find Torizon devices, it is important to set the network adapter to "bridged".

Verdin iMX8M Plus: TEZI with LVDS

The Toradex Easy Installer (TEZI) comes with a device tree that supports HDMI as standard. We provide you with this customized installer so that you can control your display via LVDS with just one click.

Version: 6.5.0build.4
Date: 02/07/2024

Installation guide: Visual Studio Code & Torizon

This short video shows the first steps to install the Torizon extension for Visual Studio Code on Windows via WSL.
Windows + WSL + Ubuntu20.04 + Docker + Visual Studio Code + Docker + Torizon

Toradex – Dokumentation
Docker – Download
Visual Studio Code – Download

Date: 02/26/2024

QT Demo Applikation: OpenSource

We have built a small demo for our touch panel PCs. Have fun trying it out.

Date: 02/27/2024


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